Kim Jong Un Inspects Construction Site in Pyongyang Airport

Publié le 12/04/2015

Kim Jong Un, first secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea, first chairman of the DPRK National Defence Commission and supreme commander of the Korean People's Army, gave field guidance to the construction site of Terminal 2 of Pyongyang International Airport nearing completion.

    Feasting his eyes on the terminal, he expressed satisfaction over its construction, saying Paekho (white tiger) symbolic of the brave Korean nation depicted on its outer wall brings to the spotlight the national identity and helps appreciate it is the terminal of Korea, though it is a modern structure.

    He went round the departure hall, waiting lounge, arrival hall and basement parking lot and others to learn in detail about their construction.

    Recalling that he had given an instruction to properly set the proportion of spaces in the construction of the departure hall and waiting lounge in such a way as to ensure that they provide convenience to passengers and guests and stand impeccable not only in architectural beauty but in formative art, he praised the builders for making a rational use of spaces in constructing the hall and the lounge to suit their use.

    As the construction of the terminal is nearing its completion, it is necessary to successfully complete the last phase of its interior decoration, he said.

    Stressing the need to distribute various service networks in a harmonious and peculiar manner, he called for arranging more service facilities in the spaces between the departure hall and the arrival hall to provide the best convenience to passengers.

    He called for ensuring artistry, visual quality and cultural level in designing the logo of the airport, signboards of service networks and posters.

    He noted that the building of the terminal is impeccably splendid and it would be possible to successfully complete the project when builders correct some defects in interior construction with conviction.

    It is important to complete the construction as scheduled but what is more important is to wind up the project in such a manner as to show the proud appearance of the socialist system in the DPRK and the standard of the highly civilized nation as befitting the gate to Pyongyang, he stressed.

    He expressed great expectation and belief that the soldier-builders would perfectly build the terminal as a monumental edifice in the era of Songun.

    He was accompanied by Kim Yang Gon, Ri Jae Il, Ri Pyong Chol, Kim Yo Jong and Kim Nung O. -0-


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